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I have moved from Sask to the east coast.

We would like to sell our web based business.

includes website and domain name ( ebay account some molds for rotational plastic molding.

lots of repeat customers.. great for small businesses starting up or expanding.

great home based business and lots of room for expansion and growth.

the plastic rotational plant may be sold also.. if interested.. email me for details..
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Make your own floating platform. We got several sizes of polyethylene Pontoon floats.
Polyethylene Plastic Floats,Molded Plastic Accessories ATV pontoon floats.

Our pontoons are great for making boat docks,swimming docks or any type of floating platform.

The floats are made from virgin polyethylene plastic.the longest length is 11 1/2 feet.
We also have 8 foot pontoons and 4 foot sectional floats as well.
Each pontoon has wing nuts molded into the top of them and are very durable.
You can design your own boat with the rigging placed where ever you like..
Build your own boat docks and swimming docks out of our molded Polyethylene Plastic Floats.

People have been using our pontoons for boat lifts..
they cut a hole in the bottom and use a leaf blower to raise them..
they say it takes under a minute to fill them back up with air..



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All Items are in Canadian funds.

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Due to the changing environmental laws across North America,
we will only be making the pontoons in the color blue..
Which is rated for potable water .

12 Foot Pontoons
Large pontoons
$ 379.00
8` Pontoon Floats
Small Floats are great for swimming platforms and boat docks
$ 169.00
4 Foot Pontoons
Four foot pontoon sections.
$ 181.00
8 foot flat bottom pontoon
8` flat bottom pontoon. Great for stuff like ATV floats.
$ 226.00
Plastic Seat
Polyethylene plastic seat.
$ 20.00
pontoon boat kit
Pontoon boat kit , pontoons with frame kit
$ 4650.00
House boat pontoons
House boat pontoons..make your own house boat.
$ 259.00