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I have moved from Sask to the east coast.

We would like to sell our web based business.

includes website and domain name ( ebay account some molds for rotational plastic molding.

lots of repeat customers.. great for small businesses starting up or expanding.

great home based business and lots of room for expansion and growth.

the plastic rotational plant may be sold also.. if interested.. email me for details..
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pontoon boat kit
pontoon boat kits

Introducing, New pontoon boat kits.
Our new pontoon boat kit has an all aluminum frame and motor mount with super tough polyethylene pontoons.
This innovative system has been developed and thoroughly tested over the last 12 years in northern Canada’s extreme climate and boating conditions.
This system offers many advantages over aluminum pontoons:
- Individual 3 ft. completely enclosed sections
- Tough U.V. stabilized roto molded poly construction.
- 25 in. dia. with ¼ in. thick keel and sidewall. (thicker on front section.) Performance & Styling
- 6 in. wide planing keel Molded in splash-guards, rear step and accessories mounts.
Available in several colors (color is impregnated throughout so scratches rarely show)
As polyethylene is a very robust material algae & barnacles cannot easily adhere to it and will not permanently stain the hulls.
- Resistant to oxidization, rust and salt water.
During our impact testing the pontoons tended to bounce off any obstacles (piers, rocks, reefs etc.) with little or no damage.
U.V. stabilized (will withstand constant exposure to sun for approx. 8 yrs with very little loss of integrity.)
Easily repaired or replaced in “minutes” if damaged with no special tools required.
This system is very easy to assemble with basic tools.
The main frame and railing system is completely pre-drilled with no cutting or welding required.
The only cutting or drilling required is in installing the floor system and attaching the railing to the floor. This is easily done with a skill saw and hand drill. (Motor mount requires some drilling as well.)
A third center pontoon may be easily added for more floatation and better performance.
The 3rd pontoon greatly enhances the handling, performance and payload capacities.
The kit includes:

- Aluminum frame with motor mount
- 25 in. dia. poly pontoons in 3 ft. sections
- Powder-coated aluminum railings with vinyl lace in side panels or powder
-coated aluminum panels
- Steering console with windshield and steering controls
- Captains chair with swivel pedestal mount
- Aluminum trim with composite-nylon corners
- All bolts, fasteners etc.
(Flooring package is sold separately)

Our boat kit packages are available in 19 ft., 22 ft, and 25 ft. models.
All models are 8 ft. wide with 10 ft.
available through special order.

Build your own pontoon boat.

Frame Kits

Frame kit consists of:
- 8 ft. wide heavy-duty aluminum frame with joists on 2 ft. centers, aluminum motor mount with poly deflector, aluminum trim with composite nylon corners.

-25in. dia. polyethylene pontoons in 3 ft. sections.

19 ft. Frame kit-2 pontoons $4,650.00
3rd pontoon (16ft.) $1,450.00

22 ft. Frame kit-2 pontoons $5,350.00
3rd pontoon (19ft.) $1,650.00

25 ft. Frame kit-2 pontoons $5,999.00
3rd pontoon (22ft.) $1,999.00

Pontoon ONLY Prices

21 in. dia. pontoons in 4 ft. sections $189.00 ea
25 in. dia. pontoons in 3 ft. sections $189.00 ea
27 in. dia. pontoons in 4 ft. sections $219.00 ea
30 in. dia. pontoons in 3 ft. sections $259.00 ea